Climb the mountain on your own with the skis and enjoy the untracked slopes. All you need is a solid ski turn on the red slopes, a bit of fitness, the right ski tour equipment and off you go!

fullday tours

We have an inexhaustible selection of tours in the Kitzbühel Alps or Wilden Kaiser available, customized especially for your interests and joys. Possible from early winter to spring.


A day without a summit is a lost day! (Bernhart Neumann)

Sample timetable

  • Meeting point: Depending on the season, snow conditions and length of the tour -  either on the agreed parking lot, in the ski rental shop or arranged pickup at your accommodation
  • Material check
  • Safety briefing and training in emergency equipment (if necessary)
  • Having fun touring
  • Small break at the summit, enjoying the view
  • Departure into the valley via the chosen route
  • Refreshments at a lodge on my recommendation and debriefing of the shared experience


  • Ski touring with skins (crampons only in spring or at full speed)
  • Telescopic poles
  • Small backpack
  • Alpine emergency equipment (Pieps, shovel, probe)
  • Sufficient to drink and a small snack
  • Change of clothes (recommended)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses for the climb
  • Snow goggles for the descent
  • If you have questions about the equipment, want to buy or rent it, I am happy to help.

High alpinE tours

Armed with harness, rope, crampons and ice-axe, across the glacier to the highest peaks in the country. The first stage of the day, in the early morning, the sun ahead towards the summit. Some summits are also possible to climb as a one-day tour with the help of the mountain lifts. Thanks to the altitude, the subsequent descent via the Kees is mostly in good snow conditions - far into the springtime. 3000plus - always unforgettable moments.

multi day tours

Whether spending several days at a base lodge and enjoying the local tour potential, or an Alpine crossing from lodge to lodge - certainly an active holiday of a special kind!

  • Bambergerhütte, Kelchsau
  • Tauern Haus, Krimml
  • Schweinfurtherhütte, Niederthai
  • Oetztal crossing
  • Zillertal crossing

Moon shine tour

At full moon, the mountains are illuminated at night from a different angle than during the day. The light-shadow lines are different. This creates a mystical experience.